New Cybersecurity Services
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If you’re like most of our customers, cybersecurity is a big concern. And keeping your network secure is something we take very seriously.

After a lot of work and testing, we’ve released our new Cybersecurity Monitoring and Compliance solution. Here are some highlights of the service that I think would be especially valuable to you.
We monitor every critical device on your network to detect any suspicious activity anywhere in our environment.
We use the most advanced technology available to automatically detect things like: Malware, Data Breaches, Hacker Activity, Stolen Credentials, Malicious Websites, and many other things.
The service is compliant with PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, GDPR, and many other regulatory requirements.
We’ve made it very cost effective so that all our customers like you can benefit.
We’re very proud to offer this important new service and I know you’ll find it extremely valuable. As part of our service launch, we’re offering 10% off the first year of service to our existing customers who sign up within the next 30 days.
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